PEPTalks is the UK’s only peer to peer learning company dedicated to supporting private equity backed leaders.
Our mission is to create a trusted community for private equity backed leaders to share knowledge and experience, allowing CEOs and their management teams to navigate new or unfamiliar territory with greater confidence and conviction.
"The events are amazing, the speakers are extraordinary, but the most useful thing is talking to other people. It's been genuinely transformative. It has absolutely, palpably helped me get better at my job."
Andrew Howe,
CEO, Bridge Leisure
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The power of peer to peer learning

None of us are as smart as all of us

Being part of a safe, confidential and trusting peer group provides a valuable problem-solving resource, helps generate new ideas and ensures we see past our own cognitive limits.

It’s lonely at the top

Leaders are not immune to self-doubt, but it can be difficult to confide in investors, employees and even loved ones. A peer group who can relate to your challenges and offer advice in a sympathetic, confidential way is the perfect antidote to professional isolation.

The road to success is lined with pitfalls.

The Founding Members of our community represent some of the UK’s most experienced PE backed leaders. They’ve navigated the highs and lows of the private equity journey and can provide invaluable signposts to the potholes that lie ahead.

Membership Options

Chief Executives


PEPTalks operates the largest community of PE backed CEOs in the UK. CEOs pay a monthly fee to be a member of this community and access the collective wisdom within.

Membership includes:

  • Full access to our Physical Events Programme, including monthly regional Dinners and the annual PEPTalks Conference
  • Bespoke introductions to CEOs or subject matter experts to overcome specific challenges
  • Tailored access to our Founding Members, as well as the support of a ‘Buddy’, who serves as an informal sounding board
  • Access to our Digital Events Programme and Content, including Webinars, Podcasts, Videos, Blogs and other Learning Materials, accessed through our Online Portal.

Empowered by the knowledge of the PEPTalks community, our members deliver better returns for their investors, themselves and their teams.



Management Teams


PEPTalks has taken the best of the content developed in our CEO community and amalgamated it into a syllabus for private equity backed management teams.

Delivered over six half-day workshops and spread over ten months, the Excellence Programme bridges the knowledge gap between management and investors, enabling them to excel under private equity ownership.

Through the Excellence Programme multiple management teams (groups of up to five teams) are brought together to learn through:

  • A syllabus co-written with our Founding Members
  • Peer to peer connections and a 1-2-1 Buddy system with a member of the Cohort from a different team
  • Experiences presented by our Founding Members

On graduating from the programme, management teams are invited to become members of a peer group which will meet on a regular basis through a separate series of dinners, breakfasts and larger networking events.



A sample of our Founding Members

Adam Sullivan

CEO, Baywater Healthcare

Andrew Hodgson

Executive Chairman, Recycling Lives

Charles Noall

NED, Element Materials Technology

Chris Merry

CEO, Stonehage Fleming

Christian Nellemann

Founder & Executive Chairman, XLN

David Brennan

CEO, Nexus Vehicle Rental

David Clemson

NED, Riviera Travel

Deborah Kemp

Former CEO, Laurel Funerals

Humphrey Cobbold

CEO, PureGym

Jim Graham

Chairman, Ventrica

Kevin Brennan

Former CEO, Quorn Foods

Peter Liney

CEO, Great Rail Journeys