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PepTalks is the UK’s leading peer to peer training provider for private equity backed CEOs and their management teams.

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Our Members are supported by a group of seasoned, successful but humble portfolio company leaders who share their experiences, good and bad, with our members.

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Why PepTalks?

Private equity investment puts a business on to a new and exciting playing field with a unique and unwritten set of rules.

The PE model requires management to double or triple the value of the business in a relatively short period of time, just 3-5 years.

This will typically require a business to grow in new and unproven ways, whilst also adapting to an inquisitive and analytical shareholder, who will require greater reporting and governance. Then of course, at the end of the investment cycle, there is the need to deliver an exit event allowing all shareholders to crystallise the value created.

Our purpose is to de-risk this playing field by providing management with a safe space in which to learn.

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