“The events are amazing, the speakers are extraordinary, but the most useful thing is talking to other people. It’s been genuinely transformative. It has absolutely, palpably, helped me get better at my job.”
Andrew Howe,
Chair, Largo Leisure (Limerston Capital)
“That’s one of the real benefits and joys of PepTalks – you get to constantly interact with a group of people who are also humble and willing to learn, but also to contribute their knowledge. I think it’s quite unique and special.”
Keryn James
NED and Former CEO, ERM
“PepTalks gives you a readymade community of CEOs who are already dealing with the issues you are dealing with. I always come away from the sessions with new contacts, insights and suggestions which I have put into practice.”
Lee Newman

PepTalks helps leaders to operate more effectively on the private equity playing field.

As a leader, you’ll need to learn the rules to this new playing field whilst also doing an incredibly demanding day job.

An Alix Partners survey in 2017 found that 73% of CEOs don’t survive the lifetime of an investment, with 43% leaving between years two and four.

Why battle through on your own when you can accelerate your development by learning from the best of those who have already played the game?

Why PepTalks?

We have three
simple beliefs:

  • 1
    No single individual is as smart as we are collectively.
  • 2
    By creating safe, confidential environments we can foster a process of problem solving, challenge and innovation.
  • 3
    By connecting experience with inexperience we can rapidly accelerate understanding and capability.

Why Join PepTalks?

Our purpose is to improve the odds of investment success by creating a trusted community in which knowledge and experience is shared, allowing leaders to navigate new and unfamiliar territory with greater confidence, skill and foresight.

Members join PepTalks to learn from seasoned private equity backed CEOs and Executives who want to prevent others from making the same mistakes they made.

Our Key Knowledge Themes:

  • Understanding Private Equity
  • Value Creation
  • Exit Preparation & Execution
  • Leadership & Culture Development
Why PepTalks?

Member Testimonials

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