Service Providers delivering expert advice to the PepTalks Community

Who are PepTalks Advisory Members?

Advisory Members are service providers who are experts in their fields and who specialise in working with private equity backed companies.

They provide their experience and expertise, to our community, via our events programme, 1-2-1 member connections and our content.

Benefits of Advisory Membership

For Advisory Members

  • Develop a better understanding of the private equity backed CEO market.
  • Generate new and enhance existing CEO and Exec relationships.
  • Differentiate yourself against your competition.
  • Educate and provide value to your target market.
  • Build your brand reputation.

For PepTalks Members

  • Advice from PE experts across multiple fields.
  • Build your network of PE specific service providers.
  • Access to exclusive content made with our Advisory Members.
  • 1-2-1 connections with relevant advisors as you approach your deal.

Why Advisory Members Join PepTalks

Advisory Member Profiles

Advisory Membership Tiers


  • Sponsorship of a minimum of 5 CEO dinners
  • Sponsorship of 1 CEO Forum (40 CEO attendees)
  • Sponsorship of 3 Executive Forums and 2 Executive breakfasts
  • Sponsorship of the CEO Conference, a speaker slot and 3 tickets (130 CEO attendees)
  • Guest speaker on our Webinar series / Ask the Expert
  • Guest speaker on our Podcast – Map of the Maze
  • Tailored 1-2-1 connections
  • Advisory Member’s page on our Members Platform
  • Promotion of your content on our platform and social media channels


  • Sponsorship of 1 CEO Dinner and 1 CEO breakfast
  • Sponsorship of 1 Executive Dinner and 1 Breakfast
  • Sponsorship of our annual CEO conference + 2 tickets
  • Access to our Executive Forums
  • A speaker slot on our podcast series
  • Advisory Member’s page on our Members Platform


  • Sponsorship of 1 CEO breakfast
  • Sponsorship of one Executive breakfast
  • Sponsorship of our CEO Conference x 1 tickets
  • A speaker slot on our podcast series
  • Advisory Member’s page on our Members Platform

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