Alastair Cotton

Chief Revenue Officer, Echobox


I am currently Chief Revenue Officer of Echobox, the leading content automation platform, backed by Mangrove Capital Partners.

My first private equity-backed role was as Commercial Director for CAP Automotive, which was backed by Montagu Private Equity at the time. In order to grow EBITDA, I investigated product-sales underperformance, recommended significant product restructuring and a commercial launch. This resulted in revenue growth of 20% per annum and a successful growth of EBITDA to £20m per annum. In 2014, we took the business through a trade sale, valuing the sale at £288m for Montagu.

I am so happy to be a part of PepTalks because I believe that there is huge value to be gained from sharing experience and insights amongst PE backed leaders who are facing similar challenges.

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