Charles Noall

Non-exec Director, Element Materials Technology


I was President and CEO of Element Materials Technology from 2003 to early 2020. I led the original management buyout from Stork BV, sponsored by 3i in 2010, and directed an ambitious growth plan, which saw Element treble in size and become the fastest growing independent materials and product qualification testing company in the world. During my tenure, the Group’s revenues grew from $60m to $850m, dramatically expanding the testing operations to cover five end markets across 32 countries and delivering market-leading profitability.

In 2015, I led the transfer of the company’s ownership from 3i, to Bridgepoint. Two years later, I drove the de-listing of Exova plc, our largest direct competitor, and then oversaw a highly synergistic integration programme that culminated in Element serving over 50,000 customers worldwide. In 2018, I onboarded Temasek as a new cornerstone investor and with further funding for growth secured, I moved to NED in 2020.

I enjoy supporting PepTalks members drive considerable growth, particularly around transformational M&A and international expansion. I can also help members prepare for the different private equity styles that they will encounter as their businesses scale beyond the mid-market.

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