Dawn Marriott

Partner, Hg Capital


I am Dawn Marriott, Partner at Hg Capital, a Private Equity investor. I serve as a board member of team.blue, itm8, Citation and Azets, and previously served on the boards of two PE-backed companies, IRIS and Kinapse.

During my time as Executive Chair at Kinapse, I led the business through a period of rapid growth and transformation before finally overseeing the sale of the business to Syneos Health in 2018.

From 2019 to 2021, I was CEO of Azets, a large accountancy services firm and an Hg investment, operating throughout Europe. Azets was created from more than 50 M&A transactions. I created and led a complex integration and wholesale transformation programme and remain an active board member and coach to the Executive team.

I add value to PepTalks members through:

  • My extensive experience of leading acquisitions
  • The perspectives I’ve gained from operating on both sides of the private equity fence.

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