Iain Jamieson

Former CFO, Fairstone Group


Most recently I was the CFO of Fairstone Group, one of the fastest growing wealth managers and one of the largest CII Chartered Financial Planning organisations in the UK. Since joining, I managed 26 acquisitions, led financial, tax, regulatory and legal diligences, and spear-headed the entry to Ireland with three platform acquisitions. We successfully sold the business to TA Associates in 2021, delivering a 4.5x return for Synova Capital.

During my career, I held several CFO and COO roles in international PE-backed businesses across different sectors, including financial services, tech, and light manufacturing. In addition to Fairstone’s sale to TA Associates, as CFO, I have been involved in two exits, both to trade, and a refinance as a partial exit. Prior to this, I sat on the other side of the private equity fence and worked as Portfolio Director at Inflexion and Head of Portfolio Management at BancBoston Capital where I managed multiple exits, re-financings and capital restructurings.

I look forward to supporting PepTalks members and add value around:

  • Overseas M&A and post-deal integration to maximise value
  • Re-financings, capital restructurings, profit and working capital improvement plans
  • How to position your business for exit and work successfully with your investment house

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