Samir Shah

Former CFO, Third Space


I am Samir Shah, a serial Chief Financial Officer of private equity-backed businesses – having worked in 4 different PE investments for 5 different PE houses. Until Summer of 2023, I was CFO at Third Space for 8 years, a luxury health club operator in London, that was sold to KSL Capital Partners in 2021 delivering a 20x return for its previous owner, Encore Capital.

Throughout my career, I have held key executive positions in various industries, including luxury health clubs, events organizing, marketing communications, publishing, fashion retail and entertainment. My role has always been key in driving financial growth, operational efficiency, and strategic decision-making within these organisations.

I look forward to sharing my extensive experience with PepTalks members, especially regarding exits and refinancing.

I am currently taking a career break whilst exploring new opportunities with a view to doing one more executive role alongside one non-executive role.

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