“In the last few years we have seen a shift in how CEOs are harnessing the power of their peer networks. CEOs are meeting much more frequently, engaging on important topics, and being incredibly vulnerable with one another in ways we have not seen before.”

Senior Partner, McKinsey


Who joins PepTalks?

PepTalks operates two peer to peer learning communities:

The CEO Community

Members are typically:

  • Group CEOs / MDs
  • Newly PE backed, or
  • Recently appointed
  • In a fast scaling business

The Executive Community

Members are typically:

  • Functional leaders of divisional CEOs
  • Critical to value creation delivery
  • Board Directors / meeting attendees
  • Potential CEO successors

Why do PE backed leaders join PepTalks?

To Learn

  • About the financial mechanics and nuances of private equity
  • How to accelerate value creation
  • About the process of preparing for and executing an exit
  • How to lead and develop a performance culture

To Network

  • With peers who are experiencing the same set of challenges
  • With potential commercial partners and advisors
  • With subject matter experts

To Grow

  • Enterprise value
  • Professionally
Empowered by the knowledge of the PepTalks community, our members deliver better returns for their investors, themselves and their teams.

Membership Benefits

Whilst our CEO Community and Executive Community are run separately, both sets of members receive a similar suite of support mechanisms. These include:

  • Access to a calendar of in-person and digital events, including our dinner series and annual conference.
  • Tailored 1-2-1 connections to Members, Honorary Members and subject matter experts to help resolve immediate challenges.
  • Honorary Member Buddy System – a readymade, super experienced private equity friend, who can provide an independent sounding board.
  • A digital members platform on which members can connect, download content from events and explore our knowledge hub, with insights covering our four key development themes.
Why PepTalks?

Member Testimonials

Listen to some of our members talking about how PepTalks helped them deliver greater levels of success.

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