Understand the unwritten rules of PE leadership
Accelerate your understanding of your investor’s mindset, model and mechanics in order to increase alignment
Prepare for an exit event
Gain the knowledge and reference points needed to steer your process towards the optimal outcome for all stakeholders
Stay at the top of your game
Be energised and inspired by CEOs who have walked in your shoes and delivered top quartile returns over sustained periods of time
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We are the perfect fit for you if

You are comfortable in your own skin and are humble enough to receive wisdom

Our members are open and honest. They know what they don’t know and they want to learn.

You are a generous person who will happily help others.

The strength of our community is grounded in a sense of giving. We believe “Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers”

You recognise the need to commit time to your development as a CEO

In doing so you recognize the ROI on your membership should only be assessed after at least 6 months

How do we help CEOs?

Our members benefit from the experience and wisdom of their predecessors. Seasoned private equity backed CEOs who are motivated by helping others from making the same mistakes they made.

We develop a support framework for each member that enables them to navigate their specific private equity journey with greater confidence and certainty.

The support frameworks include access to a peer group of like-minded CEOs to share challenges with, an experienced PE backed CEO to speak to as an external sounding board and subject matter experts to advise on specific issues

Support Channels

Digital Platform

‘Ask the Expert’ Webinars, Zoom Dinners and Founding Member ‘Office Hours’ all available through our digital platform.


Monthly dinner discussions, each with a different Founding Member speaker, as well as an annual conference. All events are exclusively for PE backed CEOs.

Insights Hub

Access to our Insights Hub, featuring podcasts, blogs and videos exploring the PE journey with seasoned CEOs.

Buddy System

A Founding Member ‘buddy’ to act as an external sounding board, offering support, advice and challenge, as well as an independent perspective.


Tailor-made introductions to other members of the PEPTalks community to share experience of common challenges.

Subject Matter Experts

Introductions to tried and tested service providers and expert advisors.

A sample of our Founding Members

Adam Sullivan

CEO, Baywater Healthcare

Andrew Hodgson

Executive Chairman, Recycling Lives

Glenn Timms

Chairman, Rebound Returns

Graham Donoghue

CEO, Sykes Holiday Cottages

Humphrey Cobbold

CEO, PureGym

Ian Filby

Chairman, Joules

Jim Graham

Chairman, Ventrica

Kevin Brennan

Former CEO, Quorn Foods

Mark Fowle

Chairman, CTS

Peter Hall

Former CEO, Tilney Group

Steve Groves

Chairman, Key Retirement Group

Steve Weller

Chairman, Love Energy Savings

Do You Share our Values?

PEPTalks members share the following set of values:

  • They have a growth mindset
  • They want to learn and inspire others
  • They are open, honest and humble
  • They want to see others succeed

If this sounds like you then please register your interest in membership here