The Accelerate Programme

Do you feel like you’re learning on the job when it comes to understanding your PE partners and how to navigate the deal cycle? Instilling shareholder confidence is vital in primary buyouts and alignment is hard to achieve if you’re not speaking the same language.

The PepTalks Accelerate Programme is designed for first time PE CEOs and provides a safe space to fast-track your understanding, by accessing the knowledge and learnings of some of the most experienced PE-backed CEOs in the UK.

Excellence Programme

About The Programme

The expectations of a PE Backed CEO:

  • Triple enterprise value in just 3 – 5 years
  • Deliver new value creation initiatives and transformation programmes alongside your day job
  • Carry debt (often for the first time), demanding a laser focus on cash
  • Manage an active institutional shareholder, who is focused on their investment return
  • Deliver an exit that satisfies multiple stakeholders, with potentially diverging interests

The PepTalks Accelerate Programme is delivered to a cohort of CEOs over the course of 2-days and will make you an expert in:

  • The private equity commercial model: how they raise, deploy, and return money
  • The classic capital structure of a private equity buyout
  • The key elements of the CEO role, under private equity ownership.
  • Leading and managing a private equity backed Board
Graduates of the programme are equipped with the skills and context required to think, act and lead like a top-tier CEO with an embedded understanding of how to create and realise value in a typical private equity cycle.

Meet Our Facilitators

Jon Andrew
Just Ask Estate Services
Matt Lyons
Former partner
Vespa capital

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